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Genuine Natural Compounds (GNC) Rare Genuine Natural Compounds (RGNC)
Derivatives of Natural Compounds (DNC) Rare Derivatives of Natural Compounds (RDNC)
Synthetic Compounds (SC) Rare Synthetic Compounds (RSC)
Chemical Class contains
Primary Amines Secondary Amines Alcohols
Aldehydes & Ketones Carboxylic Acids Esters
Anhydrides & Haloanhydrides Phenols Aminoacids & their derivatives
Peptides & their derivatives Carbohydrates & their derivatives Nucleotides & Nucleosides
Steroids & Terpenoids Haloid Alkyles & Epoxydes Thiols
Hydrazines & Hydrazones Isocyanates Isothiocyanates
Sulfochlorides Other Chemical Classes or Polyfunctional reagents